Timesha Sampson O'Bryant is one of the most unique voices of this time. Timesha began displaying her love for music and embraced the uniqueness of her voice at an early age. From a family of preachers, talented singers, and musicians, Timesha took what she learned and fused it with her own producing an intriguing inflection to her tone. Although you may remember her from Sunday Best Top 7 Finalist, Timesha is no stranger to the music industry. Studying classical piano and voice at Tougaloo College, Timesha was able to explore many genres of music. However, her heart is deeply embedded in Gospel & Christian music.
Never forgetting her upbringing, Timesha has had the privilege of singing at the 23rd & 24th Annual Stellar Awards shows with Dr. Ricky Dillard as well as Tyscott Recording artist Nu Tradition. In addition to this, Timesha was able to record on the album “The 7th Episode Live in Toronto” with Dr. Ricky Dillard & New G and has performed also on “Bobby Jones Gospel” with Nu Tradition. Timesha’s love for God and her music has pushed her to continue to pursue what she considers her “God-given assignment” The Beautiful Foundation. Timesha Sampson O’Bryant has one of the most unique talents that the world has heard and continues to fulfill her purpose in the earth.

Timesha often says “If I’m not doing what God has called me to do, then what reason does He have to keep me here?” What others would consider as a rhetorical question, Timesha reflects on this throughout her daily walk with Christ.
A graduate of the University of Memphis, Timesha auditioned for Sunday Best because of what God instructed her to do, her daring personality to go after her dreams and the inspiration of God to take her gift to another platform. Timesha currently resides in Memphis, TN where she is a lovingly devoted wife and mother by which she embraces as her first ministry and priority.
Timesha Sampson O’Bryant is not just another singer. She has the ability to communicate God’s love and plan for our lives through song. Timesha’s mind and heart is set on advancing the Kingdom of God at all cost. This is what makes her different from any other artist. Small in stature, Timesha is a worshipper and is totally committed to the work of the Lord. Holding fast to God’s plan for her life she embraces Jeremiah 29:11 as her testament.