As the President and CEO of La'She'a Public Relations, Latonya Thomas known as" The Preacher's Agent" has dedicated her talents and skills to building into a leading management firm of preeminent distinction. A former Retail Clerk, Latonya is a dynamic and innovative leader whose broad based achievements reflect the ability to be a sound business developer, critical thinker, & client advocate.


Founded in January 2010, Latonya Thomas leads all facets of business development for THE PREACHERS AGENT. She drives the company to develop key business relationships/partnerships with clients to provide effective business services and add value to their bottom-line. She also focuses on organizational development within the company to ensure THE PREACHERS AGENT'S growth as a leading management firm and a vital component of the communities in which it operates.


In June of 2013, a new division of THE PREACHERS AGENT was launched. THE PREACHERS AGENT will focus mainly on providing resources for Churches, Ministries, Artists, Authors, Record labels, Non-Profit Organizations and small businesses. Whether you want to share your message with the world, launch your book, start your ministry, grow your ministry, or use the latest social media and marketing strategies to increase awareness of your nonprofit organization, product, service or business, you’re in the right place.


Latonya assists/helps/coordinates new, emerging, and high-profile entities, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and ministry “thought leaders” strategically and effectively leverage new media to reach their goals.


Latonya is a native of Orange, Texas.